Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Did Mosquito Marketer Michelle listen to me?

Last year I blogged about a terrible book called Mosquito Marketing for Authors, by Michelle Dunn. There is so much wrong with the book that it's both funny and pathetic. The book earned the dubious honor of being the second-worse self-published book in STINKERS: America's Worst Self-Published Books.

Among its many sins is its title page, or sort-of title page.
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In a "normal" book, the first page could be a half-title page (a.k.a. "bastard title"), or a title page, or a page of blurbs, or even a blank page. But, Michelle's ugly first page combines elements of a title page AND a copyright page (which is normally the page printed on the back of the title page).

I was initially pleased to see that Michelle's book had an apparently professional editor. The first page says, "Editing by provided by Arlene Stoppe." Even the simple line about the book's editing was not edited properly.

The page has the name of Michelle's publishing company THREE TIMES. Once is enough.

However, the book's ISBN is not provided even once on this page or anywhere in the front matter.

The page shows what should be a Library of Congress Control Number ("LCCN"). Michelle strangely puts "control" in lower case, and the number she shows is not an LCCN, and I have no idea what it is.

The bottom of the page has a disclaimer warning readers not to use the book for legal advice. This is just one of THREE DISCLAIMERS which Michelle provides in the first FIVE PAGES. She repeatedly warns the reader to consult an attorney. I wonder if Michelle operates an attorney referral agency. ONE DISCLAIMER IS ENOUGH. ONE DISCLAIMER IS ENOUGH. ONE DISCLAIMER IS ENOUGH.

Although it's the wrong place, the first page indicates a copyright date of 2010, with the name "Michelle Dunn."

However, if you don't like 2010, just flip the page. You will then see a copyright date of 2009, and here Michelle's name appears with the middle initial "A" and there's a comma before her name. Consistency is not Michelle's strong suit.

But, hope springs eternal, and I was initially hopeful when I saw that Michelle has revised that page.

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I don't know if Michelle responded to my criticism or had a spontaneous eruption of rectitude, but she did remove the silly superfluous "by" in the line about the editor.

However, all of the other mistakes remain. It would not have been difficult to make the other needed corrections. I have now given up hope for Michelle Dunn.


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