Monday, April 9, 2012

Big balls and a big boast

Like many of its competitors, Self Help Pubishers is an inept and overpriced pay-to-publish company.

The company's website was incomplete and incompetent when I looked at it in 2010 -- and it still is. What the hell does this mean: "Does royalties can earn by buying my own book?"

Take a look at -- and have a barf bag handy. The text is all "lorem ipsum."

The online forum has a grand total of 10 posts -- and the most recent is from 2010. One post says "Is peace possible?" That's an interesting question, but has nothing to do with publishing.

Many of the books the company offers for sale are from authors who do not use the company -- including Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Lewis and Homer!

According to its website, "Self Help Publishers is the world's leading provider of Print-on-Demand book publishing, distribution and marketing services for authors."

"Leading" is one of those boastful words like "foremost," "respected" and "pioneering" that is often used, but seldom questioned.

Well, I question Self Help Publishers -- and hereby say the pathetic company is full of shit, and I challenge the company to justify its claim of world leadership.

I am amazed that the company is still in business, and can't imagine why any writer would do business with them.


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