Friday, March 9, 2012

Win FREE eBook conversion
(and a lesson about PR)

I send out lots of press releases for my books and telecommunications products when I want coverage from the media. I also receive press releases from authors, publishers and even Panasonic, Dunkin' Donuts and Fiat when they want help reaching the public.

Sadly, some of the releases I receive are so poorly done (especially those from Outskirts Press), or are so uninteresting or off-target that they are quickly deleted.

Yesterday I received a short, on-target release from Jonathan Scott of Middleton Books, accompanied by a nice note. Apparently Middleton has developed useful eBook production skills for its own books, and is now looking to serve a wider audience. I've never heard of Jon's company before, but because he did did the right thing, I am pleased to present his message to my readers.

Middleton Book Conversion is now accepting entries for a free conversion of your book or manuscript into the most popular eBook formats for Kindle (including Kindle Fire), iPad, Nook, and the other popular eBook readers.

This is your chance to have your book turned into an industry-validated eBook that you can publish through Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and other eBook distributors. There is no fee for entry but the entry period ends midnight, March 22, 2012.

Online entry form and details can be found at

The Freebie could be worth as much as $250.

The Middleton website says, "Whether you are a small publisher looking to convert your back list to eBook format or a self-publisher wanting to have a high-quality eBook created from your manuscript or digital layout, we can provide the services you need.

Located in the U.S., we do not use an automated “one-size-fits-all” process to create eBooks. We specialize in hands-on eBook creation to make sure your customers will have a quality reading experience―and recommend your books to others. All our eBooks are guaranteed to pass strict industry standards to ensure their compatibility with today's devices.

We offer conversion to Kindle format, ePub format including fixed layout and audio/video ePubs. And now: Kindle Fire format incorporating the latest HTML 5 and CSS3 capabilities."

I've heard some horror stories about eBook conversions, and have had some bad experiences myself, so I am pleased to see a company emphasizing quality work at a reasonable price.

As I said, before getting the press release, I had never heard of the company (and never tried it) -- but the release prompted me to find out more and help spread the word. The contest offers a valuable prize relevant to a target audience, so it should increase website traffic. That's the way promotion should be done.

The Middleton site is minimalist, but attractive. It inspires confidence in the company and has some very useful information and advice for anyone considering eBook publishing. Take a look.


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