Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To be believed, scammers need better English

  1. This notification is from the Kirkland department, your car has been pictured while crossing on the red light. We're testing the automatical identification system and the system of issuing fines, so please have a look at the picture in attachment and confirm whether this car is yours or no.
  2. My name is Mrs Yetunde Owolabi from Repulic of Benin, I gave birth to three plates, 3 children at a time after the death my husband on 18th of June 2011 by auto car accident. Already we have received 5 children from God, right now I can’t take care of them so I have decided to give them out for adoption, if you are interested let me know, I am not selling them but you will only pay for adoption fees to the ministry in concern and the Lawyer will legalized all the relevant documents and the baby will become legally yours.
  3. Dear sales, i want to place an order in your store,and i will like to know if you ship to JAPAN and my method of payment will be credit card. So please let me know if you can assist me with the order ,And please do not forget to include your web page in your replying back to my mail.I will await your prompt response as soon as you receive this mail
  4. Greetings from Ocean Views Inc. My name is Joseph Baldwin the CEO of the company. i will like to place order on some products in your company,but i would like to know if you ship to Auckland,New Zealand and also do you accept Visa or Master card as method of payment? Please do not forget to include your web page in your replying back to my message and get back to me as fast as possible so that i can let you know the product i would like to order. Please email me back with your updated website.
  5. This mail is to make inquiry on the below question. I want to place an order from you. I know the difficulties encountered when shipping internationally, But thatwill not be a problem because i am registered with a shipping company whom i have used severally without any delay nor problems with my goods. Before i place this order, i want you to notify me if i am able to place the order and most important: If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc (Issued in the United States) because that is the only way we are set for payment now without no delay. I don't place online orders ,can i e-mail my ORDER needed then you can give me a quote here and ? Please Clarify. Looking forward to your swift response then we can proceed further as soon as
  6. I Am George Peter from Houston-Texas and I will want you to send me your WEBSITE so that i can view your products or send me your products list if you do not have a website.Kindly get back to me with your Website or products list so that i can choose product to order for.Also let me know your acceptable credit cards for the payment i.evisa,master,discovery etc. Get Back To Me Soonest on my email.
  7. We are unable to process your tax return. We recived your tax return. However, we are unable to process the return as field. Our records indicate that the person identifiedas the primary taxpayer or spouse on the tax return did not provided all the required documents shown on the tax form.
  8. My Name is Clark Kent and I will like to know whether you carry (Garbage Disposer ) in stock for sale. If yes, email me back each size and with the prices of (1) attached to it so that i will let you know the size and quantity i will be ordering.... More over I will like to know whether you do accept credit card as the method of payment....
  9. Hello, My name is MORGAN BILL, I want to order some product items from your store to my below address in Cyprus but before i proceed, i will like to confirm the type of credit card you accept as payment (VISA OR MASTER CARD) and if you can ship to the below address. Please let me know asap, so i can proceed with my request.
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