Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lightning Source will soon print books in Ohio and New Jersey

(from a recent press release)

Ingram Content Group licenses EPAC Technologies book manufacturing technology and expands Lightning Source operations

NASHVILLE, TN – Ingram Content Group today announced a licensing agreement with EPAC Technologies Inc. and the acquisition of assets of two EPAC print facilities in the U.S. plus a technology development and support group in Germany to expand its Lightning Source worldwide print-on-demand operation.

“By combining EPAC’s groundbreaking digital book manufacturing technologies with our years of print experience, Ingram will take the promise of print-on-demand to the next level,” said John R. Ingram, Chairman of the Board, Ingram Content Group. “We believe that print on demand is a growing part of the future of the physical book. As more publishers invest in new ways to get content to readers, this transaction will allow Ingram to serve more publishers with the digital print solutions they need today and tomorrow.”

Through the licensing of these technologies and the acquisition of two print facilities, one in Ohio and one in New Jersey, Ingram gains new capabilities to enhance its current proprietary print-on-demand solution. In addition, it will grow the universe of publisher titles and print volume eligible for digital manufacturing.

“Through Ingram, publishers can access the only globally networked print and digital distribution solution directly linked to market channels,” said David “Skip” Prichard, President and CEO, Ingram Content Group. “This expansion of our leading print-on-demand solution will ultimately help bring more books to more readers around the world by manufacturing content closer to the end user. This is a major advantage for publishers today as they navigate the shifting p and e market.”

Today, Ingram Lightning Source North American facilities include its headquarters in La Vergne, Tennessee, and a plant in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Worldwide locations include an operation central to London in Milton Keynes, UK; Melbourne, Australia; and a joint-venture facility in Maurepas, France, with Hachette Book Group. In addition, Lightning Source has alliances with leading print-on-demand providers in both Brazil and Germany.

The EPAC website says:
ePAC delivers proprietary digital technology that streamlines the way documents are managed, produced, and distributed. By integrating ePAC's proprietary, digital workflow technology with the latest advances in digital printing, document management, and information systems, ePAC has become a leading provider of mission-critical, advanced printing and logistics solutions for Fortune 100 technology companies.

The ePAC digital workflow features superior information technology (IT) and a digital archive to provide customers with real-time access to documents and essential data. ePAC prints and delivers customer materials ten times faster than traditional printers and at a significant reduction in cost, eliminating the challenges associated with conventional printing. ePAC enables customers to save time and money as well as gain more control over their entire document management and printing process.

By providing customized end-to-end solutions, from multiple language technical documentation printing and global digital document management to fulfillment and distribution, ePAC delivers the technology, infrastructure, and expertise to help you win in the global marketplace.


 (1) Will any of this mean that LS won't wrap one publisher's cover around another publisher's book block?
(2) Will any of this mean that LS will no longer print covers that are off-color or skewed?
(3) Will any of this help LS to provide economical color printing?
(4) There are lots of readers in the northeastern United States, but does LS really need printing plants in three adjacent northeast states, and four in the east? I'm in CT and already receive next-day delivery of "ground" shipments from LS in PA. A plant in NJ won't speed that up. Maybe LS needs a facility in California or Mexico.


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