Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tawayne, editors are needed for more than books

(from a comment on Huffpost)

With being [sentence would be better if it started with "As"] an "Indie" Author [lower case "I" and "A"], in the beginning, I too [insert commas before and after] made the mistake of rushing my novel. There was [were] editing issuses [issues] and many other problems I myself [delete word] didn't see. [rearrange sentence] After being blasted in a review, I took Hard Times An Erotic Thriller [use quote marks or italics] off the shelves, hired an editor and put it back on the market [It's inconsistent to say you took it off the shelves and then put it back on the market.] where [change "where" to "and"] I sold many books, got better responses from my fans and become more in touch with my work [Silly psychobabble. How do you get in touch with your work?]. With the release of my second book, Friendly Skies, [use quote marks or italics]  I made sure that I had an editor aboard [silly cliche -- delete word]. I really think with [delete word]  the "Quick Release" [lower case "Q" and "R"], [delete comma]  method that Indie Authors [lower case "I" and "A"] have ["use" would be better], it [delete comma and "it"]  is messing up the art form [delete "form"] of writing. [In next sentence, insert "I" and make "C" lower case.] Can't say that all are bad, but I've seen some that wasn't [weren't] really good. Author, Tawayne McNeil


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