Saturday, February 4, 2012

Literary corruption

From author Andy Duncan: "I’ll even be giving away the first 20 copies to anyone prepared to write a five-star review on Amazon. (If you feel it’s unworthy of that, just send me the book back again, and forget you ever saw it.)"
  1. If I think the book is crappy, I'll say so, not be silent.
  2. Why should I have to pay to return a review copy? That's not how the world works.
  3. Can Andy enforce the bribe/contract?
  4. What if it backfires and people request review copies just so they can write negative reviews?


  1. His wording is strange. I'm "prepared" to write a five-star review, although that doesn't mean I will.

  2. "Literary corruption" Great title. I have no respect for writers who do not have a moral ground how they obtain reviews. Thank you for the heads up. I will make a point to avoid this writer's work. Some writers purchase reviews from literary services and pass them off to friends and family plus post them online including on Amazon as if they are real unsolicited reviews.
    I haven't posted comments lately but I always enjoy your website.