Monday, February 6, 2012

Holy crap. Michael recommends a sports app. What's going on?

My nephew Joe Cafarelli was director of basketball operations at Baruch College and is now an important person at a company that makes lots of sports-oriented clothing and footwear -- but I don't hold it against him.

Unlike Joe, I'm not a jock or a sports fan. I have never watched a Super Bowl or World Series game. In college, when forced to play intramural baseball, my favorite position was "left out."

Baseball and football put me to sleep (but so do most movies). There are exactly two sports that are active enough to keep me awake. One is hockey. The other is basketball. (But I haven't seen either in about 45 years.)

Joe and three of his bright buddies have developed what I (and some people who really know about this stuff) think is an amazingly good app for basketball training. It's called OneBasketball and the price is a penny less than five bucks.

If people buy a lot of his apps, maybe Joe will be able to pay me back for the two semesters of college I paid for. According to our contract, if Joe doesn't pay me back, he has to wipe my drool when I'm dribbling in a nursing home. If you don't want Joe to face a future of saliva servitude, buy the app and help buy his freedom.

For a measly $4.99 (less than the cost of most meals at Mickey Dee's), the OneBasketball mobile app provides more than 140 basketball drills to improve shooting, ball handling and individual moves. Joe says there is nothing else like OneBasketball, and I believe him. He also says that with OneBasketball, "you'll have game situation basketball drills with videos in the palm of your hand." (Joe has not explained to me how to operate an iPhone or iPad while flying through the air with a basketball in your hands.) With OneBasketball, there'll be no more aimless shooting and running around in an empty gym, and the OneBasketball Shot Tracker helps you monitor your progress as you work your way to the NBA. (That's a good rhyme, isn't it?)

Stephen A. Duck said, "As a former player and current coach I find this app extremely useful in planning workouts for players as well as allowing them to plan for themselves. The drill library is so extensive that the player will never be bored. There is no other program like this out there and it's a must-have for any player or coach."


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