Sunday, February 12, 2012

A few questions on Sunday for the guys who run Catholicism

  1. Why do the old men who run Catholicism need the help of American politicians to enforce their rules? 
  2. Google shows nearly 8,000 links for "sexually repressed Catholic" -- but only four for "sexually repressed Lutheran," six for "sexually repressed Jew," seven for "sexually repressed Hindu" and 64 for "sexually repressed "Baptist." There are none for sexually repressed Episcopals, Shintos or Jains  Why is this?
  3. Google shows nearly 600,000 links for "lapsed Catholic" -- but only 12,400 for "lapsed Muslim" and 5,200 for "lapsed Lutheran." Why is this?
  4. If 98% of sexually active Catholic women use birth control, is something wrong with them, or with the Church's rules about birth control? (98% is a much higher rate of disobedience than the rate for speeding.)
  5. If the old men in Rome approve of the rhythm method of birth control and don't ban sex for non-fertile women, clearly they recognize that sex is a legitimate activity for purposes other than procreation, so why ban the use of modern technology to achieve the same purpose as the rhythm method? The Pope rides in a car, not on a donkey. Priests use computers and microwave ovens, not quills and fires.
  6. Why does any Catholic trust Newt Gingrich?
  7. If the Catholic church allows Episcopal priests and Anglican priests to stay married when they convert and become Catholic priests, why not allow all Catholic priests to marry? (Many of the apostles were married. Seven popes were married. Thirteen popes were sons of priests. Six popes fathered children after the 1139 Celibacy Law. Pope Alexander VI had grandsons who became cardinals.)
  8. Is it any surprise that there is a shortage of priests and nuns and that Catholic churches and schools are closing?
  9. Why do so many Catholic priests rape children?
  10. Will most Catholic women go to hell? Will lots of priests be there to welcome them?
  11. Do unmarried priests do a better job of counseling parishioners than married priests, rabbis, ministers, imams or gurus?
  12. Are male clergy better clergy than female clergy?
  13. The Catholic church has reversed its prohibition on eating meat on Friday, no longer blames Jewish people for killing Jesus, and made a posthumous apology to Galileo for his heretical claim that the Earth orbits around the Sun. Would it be such a big deal to change a few more rules?
  14. Would any "normal" person take a vow of celibacy?

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  1. I agree with all your points but I just wanted to make a clarification:

    Calendar rhythm method is going from cycle to cycle and guessing from there.

    Natural Family Planning (NFP) is finding the date of ovulation and then planning sexual intercourse around that. (In secular parts of society, it’s called Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)—basically NFP but without theology.) It’s great for figuring out when to use no or more barriers/spermicides and to predict the next menstrual cycle to the day, no more surprises. Though, since this is the Church we’re talking about, depending on the couple’s goals, it instead preaches having more sex or no sex.

    Catholic Church dropped the calendar rhythm method in favor of NFP in the 1970s.

    But yeah, it is very strange the Church can be so pro-science but then get hung-up on how that science gets used.

    But they’re not the only ones. A friend of mine watched a reality show of a Quiverfull family and she explained to me that those in the movement believe that even NFP is a sin because it removes control from God. I wonder if I should ask what they would think of calendar rhythm method.