Monday, December 19, 2011

Launch your book with a book launch party

A book launch party can generate interest and publicity for a book. Invite friends, neighbors, business associates, politicians and reporters.

It can be at your home, a restaurant, a hotel, a club, a bookstore or a library. Serve refreshments, make a brief speech and read part of the book. Answer questions. To start the dialog, arrange for a couple of friends to ask questions.

Some authors sell books at launches. I think it’s tacky to make friends feel obligated to spend money. A few years ago, a neigh­bor gave a book launch party. My wife felt obligated to support her and spent $25 to buy a book that neither of us will ever read.

  • Give books away if you can afford to. They’ll probably cost you only a few bucks each and will help create buzz.
  • You can also produce inexpensive abridged samples of your book to give away.
  • Maybe provide coupons for free downloads of an ebook.
  • Another approach is to have a free raffle to give away a copy or two of the printed book.
  • You can even give away imperfect proofs that are readable, but not saleable.
  • Be sure to give out bookmarks or business cards, too. I get my cards from VistaPrint. Always have some cards with you. You never know when you'll encounter a potential customer.

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  1. These are good ideas. I think I'll set up a book launch at a local Mexican restaurant. It'll be fitting since most of my book ideas deal with Spanish.