Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Director of Production should produce better work

Cheri Breeding is Director of Production for Outskirts Press, the frequently inept and dishonest pay-to-publish company I love to hate. She sometimes writes Outskirts's Self Publishing Advisor blog.

Outskirts says that Cheri "has been an instrumental component of every aspect of the Production Department, performing the roles of an Author Representative, Book Designer, Customer Service Representative, Title Production Supervisor, Production Manager and, Director of Production."

A Director of Production (or less pompously, a production manager) has many responsibilities. In publishing, the responsibilities lead to one objective: making sure that the final product looks right.

If Cheri and her staff can't even get a small headline right, imagine how crappy their books are.


  1. I agree that people in the publishing industry should strive to produce high quality work. However, people are human, and no one writes flawless copy. For instance, you misspelled sometimes in your second paragraph. Before you bad mouth others, perhaps you should take a look at your on work.

  2. Dear April:

    (1) I made a typing error, not a spelling error. There is a difference.

    (2) Unlike Cheri, I am not a production manager promoting a publishing company.

    (3) In your last line, you typed "on" instead of "own." I assume that's a typing error, not a spelling error.

    (4) Merriam-Webster says that you should put a hyphen betweeen the "bad" and the "mouth."

    (5) I am willing to publish criticisms of this blog, on this blog. Outskirts press is not willing to publish criticisms of Outskirts on its blogs.

    (6) Over on the right, you can find a public admission of my imperfection.

    (7) My error was not in a big bright bold red headline, like Cheri's error.

    (8) After my post was published, someone corrected Cheri's headline.

  3. Thank you for publishing and responding to my comment. I agree that different errors hold different value and that certain people are held to higher standards. I just like to point out that even professionals make mistakes, especially in digital formats. I do not believe that my typing mistakes, your typing mistakes or Cheri's prove that any of us are less professional. It just shows that we are human and make mistakes and that we all need to be more careful about what we publish on the internet.