Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy can be reincarnated

Some food brands seem to last forever. Lowenbrau beer has been around since 1383. Kikkoman soy sauce got started in 1603. Both brands are still in business.

Other popular brands disappear. When I was a kid, the dominant brand in packaged Italian food was LaRosa. The brand faded away, and now Ronzoni dominates the business.

Also when I was a kid, a favorite candy was Bonomo Turkish Taffy. It was invented in 1912 -- in New York, not Istanbul. The brand went through a number of different owners and disappeared in the 1980s, disappointing many baby boomer fans, including yours truly. A couple of years ago a company tried to reproduce it. The flavor and consistency were OK, but the taffy was covered with CORN STARCH to keep it from sticking to the wrapper. It was like eating talcum power, and it sucked.

Recognizing the unfulfilled demand, the Bonomo brand and product were reincarnated last year, with an appropriate foil wrapper. I discovered Bonomo yesterday at my favorite candy store, the huge Yummies in Kittery, Maine. I paid 99 cents a bar. That's many times what I used to pay, but the taste and fun are as I remember them. Flavors are chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry. Old commercial is HERE.

Smack it and crack it!


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  1. You didn't have to travel to Maine. Stop and Shop stocked it all summer for $1 a bar. But they consider it a summer item and dropped it when they brought in Halloween candy. I stocked up on the closeouts at 15 cents each and stashed in the freezre. No if I only could reincarnate Krum's red hearts.