Thursday, November 24, 2011

There's a good reason why a failure is called a "turkey"

First, I'd like to give thanks to all of you who read this blog and my books.

Second, have you ever wondered why bad movies -- and cars like the Edsel, Yugo and Aztek -- are called turkeys?

It's because turkey meat tastes terrible.

It tastes like cardboard.

Just like lettuce is useful only for transporting salad dressing from plate to mouth, turkey is useful only for transporting gravy or cranberry sauce (or Russian dressing if on a sandwich).

However, turkey necks and skin do have flavor.

I hope you enjoy whatever is on your plate or sandwich today.

PS: I almost forgot. Wild turkeys roam around my neighborhood. They are SO UGLY, I don't understand how there was a second generation of them. A turkey would have to be incredibly horny -- or drunk -- to get in the mood to reproduce.

(photos from Zorn's Poultry Farms and Thanks.)


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  1. In bowling, a turkey is desireable, describing three or more strikes in a row.