Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New book canceled because of plagiarism by author

According to Jeffrey Trachtenberg in the Wall Street Journal, "The biggest mystery in Q.R. Markham's new spy novel Assassin of Secrets, it turns out, is the number of books the author borrowed from. ... publisher Little, Brown & Co. recalled all 6,500 copies of the novel on the grounds that passages were "lifted" from other books. One sharp-eyed observer says he had identified at least 13 novels with similar material.

"Q.R. Markham" ... is a pseudonym for the poet Quentin Rowan ... He is also a small investor in Brooklyn, N.Y., bookstore Spoonbill & Sugartown, where a spy-themed book party for "Assassin of Secrets" was held last Friday.

It's easy to plagiarize -- and very hard to get away with it today. Why would an author be so stupid?


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  1. That's a very good question--why are some authors so dumb as to steal work from others? I'm not sure if such people should even be called 'authors'. It's pathetic. But I read about it on this blog first. Michael, you always have worth while reading news.