Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You never know who will buy your book

I've been cleaning out my garage over the past few weeks. A lot of stuff was just junk, but some went to Goodwill or was put on Craigslist or given to neighbors.

One former treasure was a big and heavy amplified subwoofer system which a nephew had briefly used in a car he no longer owns. He could not sell it on eBay, so it was left in my garage for posterity.

Posterity ended yesterday, I planned to donate the subwoofer to Goodwill and get a tax deduction. One of my employees suggested that I take it to a local pawn shop. I did that, and was pleased with the payment.

As an avid viewer of the "Pawn Stars" TV show, I could not resist the urge to ask the local pawners if the show was realistic, and we had a very pleasant conversation. One young employee asked what I did, and I told him that I write and publish books.

He said he wished that he read more books, but had a limited attention span and had trouble reading through a complete book. He asked me what my favorite book is.

Naturally, I recommend my own Stories I'd Tell My Children (but maybe not until they're adults). I pointed out that it's funny, sexy, and had many short stories that could be read in seconds or minutes. He was easy to convince and I showed him how to order it on He asked me if I had a copy I could sell directly to him. I said that I would bring him a copy and autograph it. I'll go back tomorrow, and may even take some of my surplus Seikos with me.


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  1. That just goes to show a sale may be made when you least expect it. Plus you were able to offer someone an opportunity to increase their library who may not have otherwise done so.