Monday, August 29, 2011

What's good about the damn hurricane?

Power at home has been out for nearly 27 hours so far, and there is no indication of when it will be back. No damage to house or wife or dog. Dog refused to go out to pee yesterday morning. Finally, three hours after his normal time, I put him on the leash and took him for a peepee walk. Mission accomplished. We had plenty of batteries and flashlights and fully charged iPad (but I had not thought to preload some movies). AT&T cell service was out for about 12 hours. My major difficulty was passing the time. Late last night I was too awake to sleep and too sleepy to read. It was horrible having to listen to crappy local radio stations instead of satellite radio. Could not watch cable TV, and TiVos couldn't record anything. I had planned to use battery-powered TV, and was shocked to find that the TV was too old to receive digital signals. This morning I brought a bunch of food from home to put in freezer here in my office.

So, here's the good news.

(1) I did not have to use paid-for water to fill up the pool.
(2) We got the rain gutters cleaned out on Saturday morning before Irene arrived, for the first time in about five years.
(3) I took an inventory of our immense collection of flashlights, batteries and radios.
(4) I will not have to water the lawn for a few days.
(5) While removing food from two freezers to move to office freezer, we discovered lots of "obsolete" food that could be thrown out instead of moved. Why do we PAY to refrigerate garbage?
(6) Since I could not use PC to write, I read most of a really good book. Save the Deli. Highly recommended.


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