Friday, August 5, 2011

Take advantage of Amazon. Don't doom your book.

Many people outside the publishing business are greatly impressed when they hear that a new author's book is being sold on

In reality, Amazon availability is neither difficult to achieve (all you need to do is have you books printed by Lightning Source or CreateSpace) or an indicator of quality (Amazon will sell pretty much anything.)
  • Amazon has millions of customers who want to buy books, and it offers many free and powerful ways to help authors to sell their books. It's a shame not to take advantage of them.

The Amazon page shown above is for The 12 Step Murders by Ron Nance. Ron (apparently and strangely also known as Hans Kizawa) has not bothered to provide any information about the book or give any reasons to buy it.

After more than two years, Amazon and B&N show no reviews of the book. Strangely, Amazon doesn't show a sales ranking for it. Maybe nobody ever bought a copy.

Sadly, Ron -- or Hans -- chose to have his books produced by PublishAmerica, a company with a reputation for producing bad and expensive books and making life miserable for its author customers.

At $29.99, the 380-page book is terribly overpriced. Nobody in her right mind will pay thirty books for a book from an unknown author, with no information about the genre, subject, plot or author -- and not even one review from a book critic or "civilian" reader.

Ron/Hans has two other books being offered on Amazon -- with the same problems. His books may be excellent, but few people will ever find out.


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