Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's good to be above-average

Although I have not personally read the article, apparently a few years ago Publishers Weekly declared that the average book from an American publisher sells about 500 copies.

Since some books sell millions and some sell a tiny number, the 500 figure could very well be true.

For now, I choose to accept the figure. That means, that as of the end of July, my Stories I'd Tell My Children (but maybe not until they're adults) is ABOVE AVERAGE.

I am not famous. My last name is not Obama, Palin or Schwartzenegger. I am pleased, proud, amazed and thankful that hundreds of people are buying this mostly funnny memoir of someone they never heard of -- and they like it enough to tell others.
  • Midwest Book Review gave it FIVE STARS and said it's "a thoughtful and fun read, highly recommended."
  • Nicholas Santiago said, "This book is so funny, I almost peed in my pants. My girlfriend didn't think it was funny, so I got a new girlfriend."
  • Another comment: "I didn't realize what an A-hole I was back then. If this book wasn't so funny, I'd sue you for libel. Thanks for changing my name."
  • And another: "I knew the lesbian painter. She was a lousy painter but an excellent lesbian."
  • And: "A perfect combination of silliness and seriousness. I worked with you in '72. You remember everything. I'm glad you didn't see me doing anything illegal or stupid."
  • I got the idea to write the book back in 1958, to tell the word about a shitty sixth grade teacher, and the book took over 50 years to complete. I type faster now.
     "Stories" is available as an e-book, paperback and hardcover. A movie would be nice. My nephew, Gary, wants to play my part.

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  1. Above average is nice. How many books do we have to sell to earn a "very good" or "superior?"