Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm addicted to publishing, but I don't want to be cured

My first book was published by Doubleday in 1976. My second book was published by a long-forgotten tiny publisher in 1996. In 2008 I formed Silver Sands Books with the intent to publish exactly one book, mostly for family and friends.

On Saturday I finished book #21. Self -Publish Your Book Without Losing Your Shirt is aimed at self-publishing authors who don't need help with writing or designing, but do need help with the business side of the publishing business. It provides important advice to help customers of self-publishing companies who might waste a lot of money.

On Sunday, I felt the familiar publishing jones again.

So, I started book #22, Volume One of STINKERS: America's Worst Self-Published Books. Learn what not to do. It's an anthology of BAD BOOK WEEK reviews from this blog, plus added material. It should be available soon.

I'm much happier with the quality, independence, speed-to-market and income when I publish my own books, and I can't imagine going back to "the old way."

If I feel like writing and publishing a book, I just do it.

A recent comment on Self Publishing Review from Kent, said "The reality is that [a self-published author] just doesn’t have the same weight as someone who has their work chosen by [a traditional publisher]."

One of my books is a mostly humorous memoir. I am not famous. My last name is not Palin or Obama, but more than 550 readers have chosen to buy my book (better than the average American book, according to Publisher Weekly).

The purchasing decisions of those 550 readers are more important to me than the opinions of a couple of agents and acquisition editors.


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