Thursday, August 11, 2011

Damn. Darn. Fooey. Oh shit.

A couple of days ago I was a pretty happy guy. My newest book, Self-Publish Your Book Without Losing Your Shirt went on sale on

It provides business basics for self-publishing authors, with a concentration on helping customers of self-publishing companies to avoid being taken advantage of.

Like most of my books, this one had gone through multiple generations of proofreading and proof printing. Based on the final PDF which I approved last week, it was ready for prime time.

Yesterday I got a printed copy.

I flipped through quickly and saw an entry in the index that was strangely printed in bold. It should have been in italics. This annoyed me, but is certainly not the worst publishing sin I've seen. I was tempted to leave it alone until it was time for a major revision.

And then I saw a page that should have a blind folio (no printed page number) but did have the number.

And then I saw a whole section of a chapter with no headers.

My rule has been that if I can find three fuckups, I fix them, even if it means delaying sales. So, I'm fixing and checking some more.

Sadly, the mere act of correcting mistakes can cause more mistakes. Publishing is perverse -- but I love it.


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