Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shouldn't a publisher with a "team of experienced professionals" be able to produce a literate press release?

I recently condemned the Xlibris imprint of Author Solutions for negligence in producing a book.

Now it's time to condemn the company's AuthorHouse imprint for producing an awful press release -- for which the author probably paid $399. The AuthorHouse website says its releases are "professionally written." Amateurs can do better.

New Book Tells Man’s Struggle Leaving Life of War [How does a book tell a struggle? Wouldn't it tell "about" or "of" a struggle?]

Author tells story of soldier’s fight to escape his past and start a new life through God

Oftentimes [Wasn't that word retired around 1880?] when a boy becomes a soldier, it is a lifestyle change that he cannot escape. [Of course.] In the new fiction [comma] White Lion [Should be in italics.] (published by AuthorHouse) [comma] Walter Williams tells a story about one man’s [hackneyed phrase] struggle though life after Vietnam.

The story takes him from being a young boy in the country to being drafted into the Army at 18 to fight in the Vietnam War, and training to become a sniper. The book details his training and highlights the extreme emotions he encountered during the fight. [HUH? Which fight?] The war imbued him with a kill-or-be-killed lifestyle. [More likely an attitude than a lifestyle]

His experiences haunted him for the rest of his life, [hackneyed phrase] especially the loss of his best friend in combat, who died protecting him. [horrible!!! sentence]  Coming home from the war, he is [was] shocked at the public’s reaction when some call [called] him a baby killer, spitting on him for doing his duty.

Next it was my [WTF? How did we get from third person to first person? Where was the editor?] turn. I told my story and when asked if I had any remorse for my actions, I said [comma, then quote marks] yes, as a trained soldier, I was embarrassed that I lost control of my emotions. [end quote]  For these two men [Huh? Which two men?] to make a mockery of me and the soldiers I have [unnecessary word, distorts tense] served with [comma] was simply more than I could take. I was not only defending my honor [comma] but that of my men [was he a general?] [comma] as well. I was sorry for what I did to these two men [comma] however they need to accept some of the responsibility for their actions [comma] as well.

He [Who's he?]  becomes [became] even closer with his friend’s family as they introduce [introduced] him to God [Where did they meet?] – but he is [was] skeptical and resists [resisted] . Instead, he feels [felt that] the only thing he is good at is killing, turning to a life as a mercenary for three years, serving in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.


It's best if a book title is unique, but the title of a book can't be copyrighted. Authors and publishers can't know the titles of all books planned for the future, but it's not hard to find out the titles of books that already exist. It's really stupid to publish White Lion in 2011 when The White Lion has been on sale since 2008.


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