Friday, July 8, 2011

Another clue that Author Solutions is clueless

Author Solutions, Inc. ("ASI") says it is the "world leader in the fastest growing segment of publishing," the leader in self-publishing," and that it publishes "one of every 15 book titles published in the US every year."

ASI is owned by Bertram Capital Management, and has become the colossus of self-publishing by combining former competitors including AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Wordclay and Trafford. ASI is also the private-label service provider for some traditional publishers such as Thomas Nelson.

I recently criticized the Xlibris brand of Author Solutions for producing a crappy book, with no screening or editing. I also slammed the idots at the AuthorHouse imprint for producing a terrible press release.

I just found the following on the home page of Author Solutions website. It's a promo for a couple who are apparently happy with their publishing experience.
It's too bad that no one in the support team of "experienced professionals" noticed the unnecessary apostrophe in "The Wormley's."

A corporate website intended to win new business -- especially for a book company -- should not have bad grammar. If the company can't get its own home page right, can you trust them with your book?

The Tates' cover, however, was done properly.

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