Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where the f*ck was the copyeditor

This blog frequently calls attention to foolish errors made by publishers and writers -- particularly newbie self-publishing writers, and especially those newbie self-publishing writers who don't think it's necessary to hire editors and designers.

One recent subject of this blog is do-it-yourselfer Leon Ash who insists that his book is both "perfect" and a "masterpiece." It is neither. The book and its promotions are filled with errors. The book is also ugly and overpriced ($20 for 58 pages).

Some of his supporters defended his amateur efforts and were outraged by my criticism.
  • One anonymous wacko said that I should wash my mouth with lye soap -- but she or he did say "please."
  • "James P." attacked me for being "feeble," "shameful," "pathetic" and "morally and ethically wrong." This defender writes as badly as the author he defends. He seems to think that any string of words that begins with an uppercased letter and ends with a period is a sentence: "Unlike the the want to be critique Michael, I actually read the book [I did read the book, dammit!] for what it was a positive message expressing hope to all. If I wanted and English lesson I would pick up an English grammar book." Leon needs more literate friends than James. Maybe they could go back to junior high school together. I hope they pay attention the second time around.
  • Interestingly, both "Anonymous" and James claim to have read the book, but neither of them posted reviews on Amazon.com. No one else has, either. I did find one review elsewhere -- written by the author! Maybe he is also "anonymous" and "James."
Sadly, not only the books published by noobs have problems.

  • Go the F*ck to Sleep is currently number-one on two Amazon bestseller lists. It was published by Akashic Books. The Dever Post said, "Akashic is one of the most impressive of the newer small presses, in part because of editing and production values that rival and perhaps surpass the big houses. . . ." One poem in the book says: "The lambs have laid down with the sheep." The correct word is LAIN -- not laid!
  • In Orange County Choppers: the Tale of the Teutuls, there are several silly mistakes which were missed by five co-authors and the editors at Warner Books. “Paul Senior” said his childhood home in Yonkers, New York was within walking distance of Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx. The stadium is about 8½ miles south. The 17-mile round trip is not walking distance for most people. Paul mentioned his house in “Muncie,” New York. Muncie is in Indiana. The Teutuls lived in MONSEY (pronounced “Muncie”). Someone besides me should have noticed.
  • Desperate Networks is a generally excellent book written by Bill Carter and published by an imprint of Random House. The book has this strange sentence: "What do expect for this?" What the heck does that mean? There's also: ". . . Les could get eventually get control of the studio." I'm only an amateur, but I found these flubs. Where are the pros who get paid to find and fix them? Where the f*ck was the copyeditor?
There are more media errors here.


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  1. Stupid mistakes are funny. People who defend stupidity are funny and stupid.

    People who defend stupidity, stupidly, are pathetic.

    Keep kicking ass, Michael.