Monday, June 6, 2011

What's great about e-books?

An e-book reader, filled with thousands of books, is compact, lightweight easy to carry or store.
E-books are generally less expensive than p-books (printed-on-paper books), and many are free.
The production of e-books does not consume paper, ink, glue, staples, etc. There is no packaging.
Text can be searched, just like in a document on a PC or website. You can look for a specific word or phrase.
Some e-book readers can be used in total darkness.
An e-book can open automatically to the last page you were reading.
E-book downloads usually take just a few seconds.
Text-to-speech software can read the book to you via a speaker or headphones.
There is no cost for manufacturing, shipping or storing e-books, so there is no cost pressure for them to go out-of-print even if sales are low.
Type size can be adjusted, and sometimes different typefaces can be selected for the most comfortable reading.
You can highlight text and insert “electronic bookmarks.”
You may be able to jump from text to a dictionary or a webpage.
Free backups may be available if your reader is stolen, lost or damaged.
It can be easy and inexpensive to publish an eBook.
E-books can be easily updated and avoid the problem caused by a large inventory of obsolete printed books.
Free or discounted e-book excerpts can promote the purchase of complete e-books or p-books.
E-books don’t get eaten by mice or suffer from mildew.
Doggie drool can’t wrinkle the pages of an e-book.


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