Friday, June 3, 2011

Time out for a brief commercial message

My day job is running a company which sells a wide variety of phone equipment. Most of the stuff is pretty serious. We even supplied phone systems for the press room in the White House and for a nuclear submarine.

Some of what we sell is much less serious than supporting the nation's defense, and is suitably cheery to be great gifts.

Since this is the annual "grad-and-dad" season, I'm using this space to plug our unique PizzaPhones.

Few pieces of technology have more male appeal, implied power, and ego enhancement, than a PizzaPhone.

The top-of-the-line model is a hotline phone which can be pre-programmed to call the favorite pizzeria by simply picking up the handset. A less-expensive model is dialed manually -- but can call any non-pizza number, too. It can even be used to order lo-mein or tacos.

Our PizzaPhones are not toys or junk. They're high-quality phones, with multi-year warranties. A PizzaPhone installs easily on a standard wall-phone jack, and works without batteries or AC power. It can receive incoming calls, too.

CLICK for info or to place an order.

Besides the pizzaphones, we also have presidential hotline phones, Batphones, and even a phone for calling God. We don't guarantee that your call will be answered promptly, so keep trying.


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