Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some people should not promote books, or write them

The 95-page hardcover sells for (OMG!) $24.99.

From the Xlibris website:

JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Emotions & Feelings

Our leaders are so blind to the truth and instead of searching for the truth or the things that will bring peace and make America a better place to live, they go on, on a wild goose chase which brings nothing but destruction to our country. This book also deomonstrate how we can keep kids off jail and minimize the high school drop off rate. How we can provide shelter for our return soldiers and civilian homeless. How we can make our streets and our community safe.

About the Author

I was born in Ghana and came to America about twenty-five years ago. I was married for twenty years and now separated with one child, who is seventeen years old. He lives with me in Houston, Texas. I attended Northern Virginia Community College and graduated in the year 2002 with Associate Degree in Legal Assisting. I transferred to George Mason University in Virginia, Texas Southern University in Texas, and now I am in my final year at the University of Houston in Texas, major in Political Science and eventually transfer to Law School.



  1. Ghana is a former British colony and English is the official language -- but apparently Eunice has not yet finished studying English.

    A quarter-century in the USA and attendance at four colleges have not helped much.

  2. Why do so many semi-literates think they can write books?

    Crap like this makes it tough for good writers who self-publish.

  3. well, you do find some "interesting" ones... Which reminds me off to edit again... I think I might have missed a comma in my book somewhere...

  4. I'm not at all making excuses for the author but I feel that the blame also lays in part on Xlibris (and other similar companies). No doubt the author was sold a package that claimed to include an editing service...