Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now I've been banned from TWO publisher's blogs. I am honored.

Will I earn a third?

Some publishers don't want the truth to be published. I do.

On this blog, I've previously criticized Michael Hyatt, boss of "Christian" publisher Thomas Nelson and its pay-to-publish subsidiary Westbow Press, for being a hypocrite. He criticized blogs which "don’t allow comments," but his own blog has an automated enemies list which blocks comments -- even benign or neutral comments -- from people like me who have disagreed with him in the past. (I criticized him for advertising "free" books which are not really free.)

Now I am amused (and proud) to announce that I am officially a persona non grata at another blog.

Outskirts Press, an often inept and dishonest pay-to-publish company, publishes a blog named Self Publishing Advisor. This blog contains content provided by various Outskirts employees, particularly Wendy Stetina, Kelly Schuknecht and Elise Connors. It replaces a blog that was usually written by Outskirts's Karl Schroeder.

Although I've often criticized both Outskirts and Karl, he was a gentleman, and permitted me to add to the discussions he started. Karl may have left Outskirts. His Linkedin page says he is an "Independent Online Media Professional" and is looking for a job.

Wendy Stetina works as the Outskirts "Director of Author Services," and apparently acts as blog gatekeeper. Monday's topic was "Am I Self-Publishing If I Use a Self-Publishing Company?" Not surprisingly, Wendy said, "yes."

With words carefully chosen to avoid antagonizing Wendy or her boss, I simply pointed out that some writers, including me, prefer INDEPENDENT self publishing, where we have more control, do more work, and may make more money than if we bought a publishing package.
  • Wendy, or one of her teammates, rejected my comment.
  • Another blog, written by Outskirts boss Brent Sampson, doesn't permit comments from anyone.
  • Outskirts also publishes a blog called Self Publishing News. It's really puffery for Outskirts, not news, but does allow comments.

Just to head off the soreheads who will complain about this blog being "moderated," I want to point out that I never reject a comment because it disagrees with me, or even if it insults me. (Actually, I think most of the insults are pretty funny). I reject comments solely if they are spam, libelous, or promote violence.

Photo of medals from The Scottish Sun. Thanks.



  1. The fact their comments are censored proves an ulterior motive.

    I too enjoy stirring the pot (and the controversy that often comes with it) and I also welcome all comments. I'm currently banned from leaving comments on Tennessee Leiutenant Governor Ron Ramsey's Facebook page, but not on Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's page. This makes me respect Haslam a tiny bit more, even though his ideals are more asinine than Ramsey's.

    Then again, Governor Haslam may have a 15 year-old moderating his FB page.

    Always enjoy your posts.

  2. Anyone who is disliked by Outskirts Press is a friend of mine.

  3. Comment moderation is a good thing-- used wisely-- but I've said it once and I'll say it again, being banned for commenting, when not spam or anything else, is simply dumb, and childish.

    Wait, aren't they childish?

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