Monday, June 13, 2011

More lies from Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press is a notoriously inept and dishonest pay-to-publish company. Because Outskirts does so many things so badly, it is a frequent target of this blog.

The following chart is on the Outskirts website, to convince potential author-customers to pay Outskirts to publish their books. I inserted the Yeses to correct the chart.

The chart shows four areas where Outskirts claims to be superior to independent self-publishing. Outskirts is lying about three of the four.

Many (or most) independent self-publishers have their books printed and distributed by Lightning Source (the same company that Outskirts uses.) With Lightning Source, your books DO get distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, DO get automatic online listings with top book retailers, and book orders ARE fulfilled for you.

Therefore, with this chart's negative comparisons, Outskirts Press is 75% Full Of SHIT. That's not very good.



  1. I haven't personally had the misfortune of using Outskirt Press but I am familiar with this type of "publisher" when as a graphic designer I am sometimes asked to make a better cover than the one provided in a package deal. Going off this (low) opinion of such setups I have to say that you forgot to correct the Outskirt Press column, namely by adding NO into the row marked "Marketing support helps you sell books". In my experience these type of publishers leave marketing almost entirely up to the author themselves...

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For, once again, proving that Outskirts is unethical, and the title of your book, Stupid, Sloppy, Sleazy: The strange story of vanity publisher ... , is appropriate. It's interesting how Outskirts just outright lies as its own advertising becomes the proof evidence of its unethical business practices. I would like to add another example of how Outskirts REALLY does business. When writers who use Outskirts ‘win’ awards at the end of the press release Outskirts runs an ads for more writers to sign up with them, so isn’t that really an ad pretending to be a press release? And by dressing ads up as a press release Outskirts bypass paying writers used in them, and certainly does not pay these writers a cut from the profits these press releases/ads create by bringing in more gullible writers. Its pathetic. After a point I would think a writer using Outskirts would be ashamed.