Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maybe Jon Huntsman should spend the summer in Remedial English class, not on the campaign trail

Yesterday Jon Huntsman announced that he wants to be the GOP candidate for president. His weird commercials exhibit some severe problems with the language of his hoped-for constituents.

Like many inept self-publishing authors, Jon seems to think that any group of words is a sentence. It's not.
  • "The world needs new."
  • "America needs fresh."
  • "Not in it for the balloons"
  • "Not in it for the winning."
  • "In six days"
  • "The candidate for president who rides motocross to relax."
  • "Has seven children, one from India, one from China."
  • "Did not become famous with his band, 'wizard.'"
  • "Never raises his voice."
  • "But seldom takes 'no' for an answer"
  • "New perspective."
  • "Knows business."
  • "Built things."
  • "To calm the tough."
  • "To never flip."
  • "Never flop."
  • "Taste the dirt."
  • "No drama, progress"

And, like many inept self-publishing authors, he is insufficiently edited. A campaign website had a default phony address and phone number.

The campaign press pass had his name spelled right -- and wrong -- and indicated that it started in New York -- but it started in New Jersey.

And, the members of the media were nearly flown to Saudi Arabia instead of to New Hampshire for the next speech.

Oh, well.

Thanks to The Rachel Maddow Show for alerting me to these bloopers. Top photo is from


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  1. If Huntsman impregnated Palin, would she give birth to Dan Quayle?