Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another way to waste money
with Outskirts Press

When a traditional publishing company like Random House publishes books, it expects to make money by actually selling books to readers. When a pay-to-publish company like Outskirts Press publishes a book, it knows it won't sell many books, so it has to make money by selling overpriced services and trinkets to its authors.
  • Outskirts charges $99 for copyright registration. You can register your own book for $35. It's not difficult.
  • Outskirts charges 40 cents each for promotional postcards. You can get them from VistaPrint for a nickel each.
  • Outskirts will be glad to sell you customized Keds sneakers bearing images of your book cover and the Outskirts logo for $99. Zazzle will provide them for as little as $60.
  • Outskirts will submit your book to the Independent Book Publishers’ Benjamin Franklin Awards for $299. You can do it yourself for $180, plus the cost of a few books.
On Tuesday, Outskirts pumped out a press release announcing "Outskirts Press Now Offers Self-Publishing Authors a Guaranteed Book Review With Kirkus."

The release says, "Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today the release of its new Kirkus Guaranteed Review service. With this effective new marketing option, an author can get his or her book into the hands of a reviewer who is passionate about writing reviews and who will provide one hundred percent honest feedback that can be used by an author as a promotional tool.

Founded in 1933, Kirkus has built up a longstanding reputation within the publishing industry as an unbiased and trusted reviewer of new books. Kirkus’ Indie reviews now offer self-published authors the same candid and professional reviews as their traditional publishing house book reviews, and because of the prestige of a good Kirkus review, a new author can use it as a highly effective promotional tool.

Kirkus reviews can be cantankerous or complimentary, but they are always known for their honesty. Consequently, even one praiseworthy phrase from a Kirkus reviewer becomes potent advertising copy for a new author’s book."

If you submit your book directly to Kirkus, the price of a review is $425. If you prefer to have Outskirts Press do the work for you, the price is $599. OUCH.



  1. I just don't understand how those thieves stay in business.

  2. Michael, you may never know how many people you have helped by shinning the light on Outskirts and their business practices. Thank you again.