Monday, May 2, 2011

YUCK! In a few hours, my right eye will be sliced open.

In May of last year, I had surgery to remove a cataract from my left eye, and an artificial lens was implanted.

I'm a real wuss about blades near any important part of my body (actually, all of the parts of my body are important), but my terror was unjustified. All of the people who told me that it is no big deal, were right.

The surgery went fine, the recovery was quick, and I eagerly anticipated getting the same treatment for my right eye.

The second surgery was supposed to be done last October. Because the doctor's office refused to bill for the first surgery in the form my insurance company required, the doctor did not get all the money he wanted.

The doc insisted that I owe $1,000, but my insurance company said I had overpaid by $149.

A marathon of letters and phone calls accomplished nothing. Appeals to logic, and presentation of apparently conclusive evidence, accomplished nothing.

Ultimately, I was "fired" by my ophthalmologist. Fuck him, and the horse he rode in on.

I quickly found a new one (ophthalmologist, not horse), and later today I will have the long-delayed operation.

I eagerly look forward to being able to see my computer screen without blurry letters, and without having to put my nose eight inches away from the screen.

Tomorrow I may not be ready to type -- or at least not ready to see what I've typed. I may not post tomorrow, or maybe I'll provide a rerun.


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