Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is successful self-publishing?

No one wants to be a failure.

Standards for “success” vary for different fields and different people. Here are some of the indicators of success in self-publishing. Choose what makes you happy, and successful.
  • You finish writing your first book (or tenth book).
  • You have a printed copy in your hand.
  • One copy is sold.
  • You get your first check.
  • One hundred copies are sold.
  • One thousand (or one million) copies are sold.
  • You get your first good review.
  • Your book is on a bestseller list.
  • You are interviewed on TV.
  • Your picture is on the cover of Time.
  • You are recognized and greeted by strangers.
  • You earn back the cost of publishing.
  • Your boss gives you a raise.
  • You get a better job.
  • You make enough money to quit your day job.
  • You make enough money to stop writing.
  • The person you had a crush on years ago—but wasn’t interested in you—is now interested in you.

1 comment:

  1. Getting on the cover of Time is only a success if your picture doesn't have a big red "X" on it. Got my issue yesterday.