Saturday, April 30, 2011

The stupid robo-censor at CreateSpace is still causing trouble

Last fall I complained on this blog that the hyperactive robo-censor at CreateSpace had delayed publication of a book about self-publishing because it mentioned CreateSpace parent I was told: "The interior file submitted for this title contains text referencing Please remove all text and/or logos which reference"

After my complaint, I received an apology, and my freedom of the press was restored.

I recently submitted files for another book:

And yesterday, the robo-censor said, "PROBLEM: The interior file submitted for this title contains text referencing CreateSpace as the publisher on PDF page 106. Please remove all text and/or logos which reference CreateSpace as the publisher. If you would like to include information regarding the publisher, you may include information regarding your own Imprint."

Here's the part of the "problem" page which mentions CreateSpace:

Nowhere does this page -- or any other page in the book -- claim that CreateSpace is the publisher. On the contrary, the book bears the name and logo of MY OWN publishing company, Silver Sands Books, and uses an ISBN assigned to Silver Sands Books, not to CreateSpace.

Sadly (and perversely) there is no way to respond to the email I received, and messages sent from the CreateSpace website to the "Member Support Team" may be ignored, or may elicit a nonsensical response like this one I got from parent Amazon: "... so that they would be able to do the needful."

Therefore, I am once again resorting to public embarrassment in an effort to get help. This should not be necessary.



  1. I have the same problem with my books every time I reference Amazon. You just have to call them. Since they have telephone customer support now, that's the easiest way to solve the problem.

  2. Same thing has happened to me, I mentioned a few publishers on one of my Kindle e-books, and it did take a phone call, and then a personal "exemption."

    It would be nice if they would have someone actually check if it flagged by the system.