Monday, April 25, 2011

Another silly mistake from Brent Sampson of Outskirts Press, and some silly stuff of my own just for the hell of it

Often-inept Outskirts Press and its often-inept boss Brent Sampson have been frequent targets of this blog.

In the past, Brent has identified the wrong publisher of Roget's Theasurus, confused a foreword with a preface, put a hyphen in the middle of "offset," and made other errors.

He wrote this in his blog on April 10th: ". . . all those other bloggers (the coined term for these people is 'blogerati' – like 'paparazzi' for bloggers) . . . ."

Sorry, Brent, "blogerati" is a parallel of "digerati" (people who are skilled with computers or are influential online), "glitterati" (highly fashionable celebs),  and the earlier "literati" (people interested in literature) -- not "paparazzi" (photographers who stalk celebs, politicians and other famous folks).

Maybe Brent was thinking of Azzi -- a tiny late-Bronze-Age kingdom located in western Asia.

And, Brent, just to clarify:

Gucci makes pocketbooks, shoes and clothing.
Pucci does the same, plus perfume and eyeglasses.
Fiorucci makes clothing and licenses its name for eyeglasses.
Another Fiorucci makes food.
Rucci makes mirrors.
Bertucci's is chain of Italian restaurants.
Stanley Tucci is an actor.
Samuel Mucci is a plastic surgeon.

Presumably, Stanly Tucci could be one of the blogerati, persued by paparazzi, and hide in Bertucci's disguised in Fiorucci sunglasses and wearing clothes from Pucci and Gucci. Stan could even have his face changed by Sam, and check on Sam's work by looking in a Rucci mirror.

I love Italian sounds, cars and women, but I think I've said enough.


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    You denegrate Gucci by leaving out theire line of fragrance and sunglasses. These are far more popular than Pucci