Monday, March 7, 2011

A really nice review
from book publicist Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz is president of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in book marketing. He knows what he's doing. I recommend his services, and I'm very pleased that he recommends my new book, and put it on the top of his list of Favorite Books on Book Marketing. Here's a link to Scott's YouTube video.

Scott wrote:

New and updated for 2011, this is the most up-to-date book about self publishing [it even discusses the Borders bankruptcy]. It includes recent developments which affect authors, such as the iPad, Microsoft Word 2010, Espresso Book Machine, Nook, Pubit!, AuthorHive, Google eBookstore, etc. There is an extensive section on eBooks and eBook readers. If you want the roadmap on how to become a successful author by self publishing then "Independent Self-Publishing: the complete guide" by Michael N. Marcus is the book for you.

In a pull-no-punches style Marcus cuts to the chase in the often confusing and treacherous book publishing and book marketing game. As a writer and successful publisher of books for more than 30 years Marcus speaks from personal experience. He implores authors to become real publishers and not customers of vanity presses or companies that publish on demand which Marcus says does not exist. Why? Nobody publishes on demand; they "print" on demand, he says.

Marcus compares and contrasts publishing options including: Lulu, Outskirts Press, Infinity Publishing, Amazon, Author House, Book Surge, Xlibris, Lightning Source and traditional publishing in a "no-holds- barred" approach. I find his approach refreshing because so many authors I speak to as a book publicist really need someone like Marcus, who has no hidden agenda, to tell it like it is.

Marcus discusses the benefits and pitfalls about every type of publishing option in the marketplace. He also includes a list of publishing terms authors need to know about such as: ARC (advance reader copy) and POD (print on demand ) well as places authors don't want to see like the Slush Pile which is that place where unsolicited manuscripts end up awaiting an evaluation by a publisher or agent.

"Independent Self-Publishing" by Michael N. Marcus is a must read for all authors whether they are first time authors or on the New York Times bestseller list. It's written in a serious but entertaining style with a little humor tossed in. I highly recommend it.

Thank you, Scott!

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