Monday, February 21, 2011

Super deals at Staples TODAY

I was in Staples yesterday to buy some packing tape and stumbled upon some amazing Black Friday-type deals. They'll continue today, so get going.
  1. Full refunds on multipurpose paper, sticky notes, ballpoint pens, photo paper.
  2. Huge savings on HP blank DVDs.
  3. Samsung Bluetooth headset for $4.99 after rebate and discount.
  4. 8-gig thumb drive for $11.99.
  5. Really nice wood-frame 11-inch digital photo display for $19.99 after rebate and discount.
  6. Office chair for $39.99
  7. 320-gig HP portable hard drive for $49.99
  8. Five-handset ATT cordless phone system for $59.99 after rebate and discount.
  9. Kodak touchscreen digital camera for $99.99 (save $200).
There are other deals, including lots of items priced at a buck or two, a BOGO (buy one, get one) on cases of paper, 20% off on copying and printing, 25% off on tech service, and more, and more.

There are online deals, too.

Support the economy. Fill your shelves. Give some gifts. Spend money.

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