Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best use of duct tape:

Although I seldom agree with anything that conservative talk show host Sean Hannity says, I see more danger in the way he says what he says.

I know a very successful man who is now about 70 years old. He is an investment banker, an author, publisher and Yale graduate. He was born in a hamlet in Kentucky -- a potential hillbilly! At an early age, a wise teacher told his class that if the kids wanted to end the pattern of multigenerational rural poverty, the most important things they could do were to lose their southern accents and get good educations.

The Yale diploma certainly helped my friend, but equally critical were the hundreds of hours he spent listening to the national network radio shows in the 1950s and copying neutral northern speech. By the time he entered college, his voice did not reveal his humble origin.

Millions of people now listen to Sean Hannity on the radio and television. His high ratings might make him seem to be worth emulating.

But if young people (or adults) copy Sean's barbaric/infantile "gunna," they will sound like IDIOTS.

According to Wikipedia, Sean "dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University to pursue his broadcasting career."

Sadly, I know of someone who graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School who shares Sean's speech defect. When President Barack Obama says "gunna," I feel like puking.

Also sadly, his predecessor, Yale grad George Dubya Bush, was quoted in Time magazine uttering the teenage synonym for "I said":  "I was like..." Someone, please hand me a barf bag.

I don't expect that every president will have the oratorial abilities of JFK or FDR, or that every broadcaster will sound like H. V. Kaltenborn -- but no one who says "gunna" instead of "going to" should get a diploma or be allowed near a microphone!


  1. Tee hee hee. I about cried when I saw the photo of Hannity with the tape. You have done a great service to your country and countryfolk. You are my Daily Hero.