Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two stupid mistakes in one paragraph
-- in the Publishers Weekly website.

The folks at Publishers Weekly have been contemplating
charging for use of their website.
Maybe the revenue could enable them to hire a copyeditor.

New York's First Espresso Book Machine Debuts at McNally Jackson

By Craig Morgan Teicher 02/16/2011

While New York's downtown indie bookseller McNally Jackson has had the city's first Espresso Book Machine (which can print and bind books from, among other sources, Google Books, Lightening Lightning Source, or from files supplied by authors) for about a month, the store help held a coming out party for it on Tuesday, February 15.

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  1. I see that typo with LSI a lot-- the spell check doesn't pick it up and people just assume it's right. It's just laziness on their part. You can depend on a spell-check to do your editing for you.