Friday, January 14, 2011

Michael Hyatt is a hypocrite

Michael Hyatt is the chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and allegedly the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.

Last year, Hyatt caused a stink in the book business by forming a pay-to-publish alliance with Author Solutions. Writers whose books are not good enough to warrant a royalty-paying contract from Nelson, can pay thousands to be published by subsidiary Westbow Press. Its first book was overpriced and under-edited.

Hyatt publishes a blog to promote himself and his company. He says, "This is my personal blog. It is focused on 'intentional leadership.' My philosophy is that if you are going to lead well, you must be thoughtful and purposeful about it. I write on leadership, productivity, publishing, social media, and, on occasion, stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories. I also occasionally write about the resources I am discovering. My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life."

That sounds impressive.

Hyatt brags that he has been a church deacon for 23 years, but he tells us that  we should not believe or rely on anything he says: "I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use."

The pompous weasel lacks the guts to stand behind his own words. What would Jesus think?

Hyatt recently published a blog post titled, "Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog." It lists six reasons, including "You don’t participate in the conversation. You either don’t allow comments or don’t participate in them."

Hyatt, just like "Tricky Dicky" Nixon (above, right), maintains an enemies list. If someone has previously pissed off Hyatt, any comment from that person is blocked instantly, without any human review.

Apparently I never pissed off President Nixon. But after disagreeing with Hyatt-the-hypocrite once, I am forever banned from his blog.

Anything I try to post -- even the most complimentary comment, or something completely neutral or very helpful -- is immediately rejected by Hyatt's robotic sentry.

So much for "You either don’t allow comments..."


  1. This blog is disgraceful. I truly hope you examine your heart & motives if you claim to love & know Jesus. Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.

  2. Nothing about your blog post or your comment looks or sounds remotely like Jesus.

    I am sad for you. Truly.

  3. I do not personally know either one of you, but I must agree that this blog is disgraceful. What history do you have with Michael Hyatt that would cause you to waste even your own time straining at a gnat. Why not show some intellectual and spiritual grit and enter into a healthy discussion that will build up rather than tear down? I don't see much of anything that edifies here. Surely you have more to bring to the table?

  4. True this blog is a little harsh but after reading the bio of Michael Hyatt, he does not share his testimony or say anything that has to do with Christ or his (Michael's) salvation or how he came to know Christ. If this man wants to type this then that's his prerogative. However, Christ even called out people who were in the wrong, such as with Pharisees, "White washed tombs" and John the Baptist calling Pharisees, "brood of vipers and hypocrites." I'm sick and tired of Christians thinking we can't be critical or call other Christians out. Didn't Jesus meditate on what He was going to do to the sellers and merchants in the Temple when He MADE a whip? You guys are judging this man just as he's judged Michael Hyatt.

  5. I have been following Michael Hyatt for over three years. I appreciate his blog because he is straight forward, open and sincere. My sense is that your "Michael Hyatt is a hypocrite" blog is completely inaccurate and unwarranted. Has Thomas Nelson ever refused one of your manuscripts?

  6. To Mike...

    Hyatt is anything but "open," and you missed the point of my post.

    I said, "Hyatt recently published a blog post titled, 'Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog.' It lists six reasons, including 'You don’t participate in the conversation. You either don’t allow comments or don’t participate in them.' But as I pointed out last February, Hypocrite Hyatt doesn't allow comments on his blog from people who disagree with him."

    And, no, Thomas Nelson has never refused one of my manuscripts. Of course, I have never submitted a manuscript to them -- nor would I.

    I'd rather publish on toilet paper, or on the wall of a cave, than do business with Hyatt.

  7. "I'd rather publish on toilet paper, or on the wall of a cave, than do business with Hyatt."

    Now, THIS is the best thing ever written and published here!!!

  8. I actually DO know Michael Hyatt. He and his wife, Gail, have stayed in my home many times, and I in theirs. While you might discount what I'm about to say as biased, Michael Hyatt is one of the most authentic and kindest people I know. He and his wife are winsome and transparent in virtually every setting I've seen them. They are committed to living lives of excellence . . . and taking others along with them. I am one who has benefited much from Hyatt wisdom and counsel and friendship.
    My husband is a literary agent, and has, on behalf of his authors, crossed many a sword with Mike over the years . The fact that we as couples are the closest of friends is remarkable in this competitive publishing culture.
    Mike, I wish you could sit for just one hour at the Hyatt's kitchen counter. You would have a whole new blog to write. And you'd write it eating a piece of humble pie, with a smile upon your face. My challenge to you is to engage again with Michael, however you can. If you have an open mind and heart, he will welcome the opportunity to start a fresh conversation with you, I promise.

  9. Debbie:

    For more than a year, your dear friend's robo-censor has blocked every comment I've tried to post on his blog, even compliments -- instantly and automatically -- without any human being reading it.

    I stand by my comments.

  10. Mr Marcus, whether you like Michael Hyatt or not, he does good work. helpful to me and 9obviously) many others.
    Bloggers have the right to accept or edit comments, and you do this too. From your comment page: "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

    Whatever he did that has gotten under your saddle must have created some angst, or you wouldn't be attempting to post things repeatedly enough to know that you are subject to a robo-bust.
    Sounds like you just need to move on to something more productive.

  11. Doug:

    There is a big difference between Hyatt's AUTOMATIC and INSTANT blocking of comments from people who have disagreed with him in the past, and the normal blog moderation to remove spam, libel, calls for violence, etc.

    I have never blocked a comment simply because someone disagrees with me, and certainly not without reading it.

    It appears that the members of the Michael Hyatt Fan Club have received instructions to praise him on this blog. I think it's pretty funny.

    What Hyatt did to "get under [my] saddle" is to (1) lie about providing free books, and (2) lie when he said, "I welcome debate."

    You can praise Hyatt all you want, but I know he is a liar and a hypocrite.

    1. Michael: I seem to be blocked automatically from the Bilerico Project. So, I can relate to your desire to present an alternative perspective at certain sites with particular points of view, editorially. I came across your article here because I am researching how to understand the world of blogging better.

  12. Oddly, I only know about this blog because Michael Hyatt mentions it on his podcast. at about 5:10

    Dumb post. Get a life, man.

  13. Dear Anonymous...

    You Hyatt fans are beginning to remind me of the brainwashed Jim Jones disciples who lost their lives in Guyana in 1978.

    Maybe you should find a new leader, preferably one who is not a liar and a hypocrite like Hyatt is.

  14. I'm not a Michael Hyatt "fan". I think his presentation is too slick and all he ever does is self-promotion. There's something unreal about that. But I still think your post is dumb and that you should get a life.

  15. Dear Anonymous.

    Why are you anonymous?

    Whose life should I get?

  16. I have to admit that I've crossed swords with Hyatt on many occasions, disagreeing with him primarily because of his exploitation of fear to sell books prior to y2k.

    I've also crossed swords about TN's marketing policy for books. (Why is the original novel Christy only available for e-readers after being carved up into separate "stories" and re-sold at $9.95-$12.95 apiece? You must pay upwards of $100 to read the whole book.)

    However, he has always been courteous in his responses to me and--as far as I know--never banned me.

    So while I agree that he does things that show a certain lack of judgement, I don't know that I would ever question his (or anyone's, really) salvation.

    However I will not let him publish any of my books. Not that he's asked. Not that they're Christian books either. But still.

  17. Hi. I've never been exposed to either yourself or Michael Hyatt before. I'm not a member of Hyatt's 'fan club' as you call it but I have to say that Hyatt's site indicates quality, integrity, and good character... in stark contrast to your mean-spirited, poorly written site that goes way beyond disgraceful. I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. Dear Anonymous of 2/7/12:

    I have no reason to be ashamed of anything I've said, written or done, and I don't write poorly.

    Hyatt is a hypocrite. You are a naive and insecure sycophant.

  19. This type of personal attack reminds me of middle school. However, it seems to be popular with Democratic Presidential Candidates. Since the writer thing obvioulsy hasn't worked out for you, I suggest you might give that a try. Grow up and get a life. Seriously.

    1. Apparently I have more of a life than you do. Do you do anything besides kiss Hyatt's ass?

  20. Michael Hyatt has a right to block who ever he wishes, blocking you shows his wisdom and discernmentWell done Michael Hyatt your wisdom is proved by Mr.Michael N. Marcus own comments and responses

    1. I am amazed that a blog post from nearly 30 months ago still generates comments, and has generated more comments than any other post.

      Apparently Hyatt's mesmerized sycophants prowl the web with zombie-like obsession to find any perceived insult to their leader and rush to his defense.

      I will say one thing about 'Holy Hyatt." He uses the English language much better than you do. Maybe you should go back to school. Pay better attention this time.

  21. Michael,

    Congratulations! You have succeeded in creating a great forum with which to express your opinion, and that of others, in a fair and balanced way (are you related to Fox News? :)

    It's too bad there are so many that don't see it for what it is and choose to attack you when you have not attacked Hyatt, simply made others aware of his particular double standard! I found this while doing some research on whether I should give him $97 for 5 days to your best year ever and you gave him pause but all Hyatt's "anonymous" replies just saved me $97! Thanks to all you anonymous knuckleheads...I owe you one!

  22. I concur with what Mr. Young and Mr. Marcus and Anonymous above wrote. The self-promotion and greed evident in the Hyatt world are very counter to the teachings of Christ. We all have our issues to work through and planks to remove, but greed and pride and seem to be very popular ones....

  23. Maybe you should simply ask yourself "has my blog improved anyone's life or the life of their family?" Michel Hyatt's blog has certainly improved many people's lives and the lives of their family.
    So before you start writing bad comments about some one else's blog, go look in the mirror and ask yourself if anyone is better off because of the comments you have written.

    1. Barry Puckett: Thanks to your suggestion, I have looked at my reflection in the mirror for 15 minutes and six seconds.

      My reflected image told me that my blog has improved the lives of 341,826 people, and over one million members of their families.

      You are a sniveling sycophant. What have _you_ accomplished besides kissing Hyatt's ass?

      How do you know about the families of the readers of Hyatt's blog?

      Did you interview them, tap their phones, steal their emails or break into their homes?

      Or, are you merely a liar?

  24. Thanks for the truth spoken on both sides. I have gleaned some good things from Hyatt's slick sales blog and even a free e-book, but never paid for anything. Marcus has some interesting writing I'll have to read as well.

  25. hmmm, while I'm not against the pay-to-get-published market (some people have dreams for dreams sake) I am against the "not edited enough" aspect of this. If you're spending thousands of dollars you should at least receive a meticulously edited book for your money... (the actual content itself can be crap, but at lease the prose can be correctly punctuated)

    I don't know the author of the book at all, however if someone is going to give advice, shouldn't said advice be heeded as well. You cannot advise people to do something if you do not also follow the same moral standard of which you're preaching.

    The fellow who wrote the book may be a great man in person and to his friends. But professional and personal are two very different people in real life. I was thinking about purchasing this book but I think I will do some more research before I hit the buy button.

    Michael, whether you're right or not, thanks for throwing the flag on the field to make us (Or at least me) take a second and double check the validity of the person writing the material that caught my eye. Just because someone writes a self-help book doesn't mean necessarily they should be giving advice in the first place....

  26. Thanks for giving a place to post my comment. This guy is a jerk and getting too big for his britches. He is using Christianity to make money. I hope the Holy Spirit guides people to this site so they can watch out for him.