Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey, I know it's the third day in a row, but this stuff is just too silly not to include it.

On Tuesday I told you that silly Outskirts Press is paying to run online ads associated with "Russian dressing."

On Wednesday I told you that Outskirts is paying to run ads associated with "bullshit."

Well, last night I found an ad for Outskirts on (a special deal site), on a page offering an adapter from Monster Cable which allows two headsets to plug into one jack.

What's the connection between audio adapters and self-publishing? I don't know. Ask Brent Sampson.

(left-click to enlarge image)

I promise that tomorrow I will write about something else -- unless, of course, I find something really goofy to report about Outskirts.

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  1. It is pretty funny, but I'm pretty sure all you're seeing is an artifact of the way Google (et al) present ads. They're using, not just the ad keywords Outskirts bids on, but the search histories of the people who are to be presented with ads. So you, because of your search history, buying preferences, etc, are more likely to see Outskirts ads than my non-existent Aunt Jane, who knits doilies 23 hours a day and only Googles new patterns. She'll see ads for Lion Brand Yarn.