Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God -- or the devil -- caused me to change today's topic

Today I had planned to discuss several websites that offer useful services for free or close-to-free.

One of them is, a site I've used for many years to generate fancy text for logos, and to bling-up websites. It's great for online banners.

I wanted to show an example of what CoolText has to offer. I picked one of their designs, and as a joke, I typed "bullshit" into the text window.

OMG! Look what appeared on my screen:


I did not fake this.

I did not have to.
  • Yesterday I told you how Outskirts Press was paying to run ads associated with Russian dressing.
  • The often-dishonest company is also paying for an ad associated with the word "bullshit."
Now, I know that no one at Outskirts actually chose to have their ad associated with "bullshit." But the ad's appearance sure makes me think that a supernatural power might be manipulating online ads to make important revelations. This ad's appearance is equally as startling as seeing Jesus's face on a slice of pizza.

On TV's "Maude," actress Bea Arthur often said to husband Walter (played by Bill Macy),  "God is gonna get you . . .."

Brent Sampson, be very careful.

First, Sampson's company was associated with Russian dressing, Now it's associated with bullshit. What could be next? I can't wait to find out.

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  1. You could do a daily blog about Outskirt and never run out of material.

    I'm loving it.