Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WARNING: Beware of distractions in your videos. And technical deficiencies, too.

Because of poor lighting on her face and a soft voice, heterosexual men like me may focus on Print On Demand Publishing Queen Heather Covington's cleavage instead of on her message.

In addition to being a "queen," Heather claims to be a "YouTube marketing expert." An expert should make much better videos.

Some viewers' comments:
  1.  "Your video is very poor technical quality (grainy, frame rate is low and the visuals are lagging the audio. There is also buzz on the camera you are using from its motor)
  2. "Thanks for the mammories!"
  3. "boooobieeees!"
  4. "Give me a hug!"
Heather is not merely a queen and an expert, She wants us to know that she is also an entertainment journalist, publisher, author, motivational speaker, awards official, promoter and editor-in-chief; and that "HER WORK IS BOLD, PROLIFIC AND QUICKLY RISING IN THE LITERARY COMMUNITY!"

Heather's "first debut book," Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales has an Amazon sales rank of #5,497,347 and the book attracted only one review in 2-1/2 years. So much for "quickly rising."

Heather says, "I plan to get this book into as many hands as possible who are willing to listen . . . ." I didn't realize that hands can listen.

She also calls herself  "Literary Diva," "The Literary Heat," "Babe Charisse Worthington!" and "The Queen of Murderotica Suspense."

Amazing -- Heather is queen of both POD publishing and murderotica. SALVE REGINA.

An editor-in-chief and publisher should not write a book with unnecessary hyphens and uppercase letters, numerals that should be spelled out, uses "that" instead of "who," has "best selling' instead of "bestselling" and  ugh-lee justification. The book begins with a stupid sentence: "Babe was born in the poorest and most rundown ghettos of the Bronx." You can't be born in more than one ghetto! (I was born in the Bronx, but not in a ghetto.)

An editor-in-chief and publisher should not write a book description for Amazon that confuses "pact" and "pack," includes sloppiness like "deadly murder," "covering a span of 6 years with cover design and art direction by Def Jam's Robert Sims," "WILL LEAVE YOUR MOUTH AGAPE and as told by Babe Charisse Worthington," and put five dots in an ellipsis.

OOPS -- she did it again, displaying a leg as well as her chest. This video has badly synced audio and video, mentions an empty website, and foolishly announces Heather's phone number.

In a more-modest video, Heather shows us her other leg but her cleavage is covered.

Heather has produced three poorly crafted and confusing messages. Is she seeking readers -- or dates?


  1. Horny and lonely, apparently.

    I've been there, too, but never strutted my stuff on YouTube.

  2. What's really amazing is that you can't get to her website. It requires a login and password. Why would anyone promote a book with a restricted website?