Monday, December 6, 2010

Outskirts Press took another stupid pill

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I have frequently been critical of Outskirts Press because the company does so many things so badly, and repeats mistakes year-after-year.

I've been enraged by Outskirts's dishonesty, and both outraged and amused by its incompetence. I even wrote a book about the company: Stupid, Sloppy, Sleazy.

This year, Outskirts has actually done at least two smart things, and I've complimented the company for it.

Sadly, it seems that smartness was just a temporary phase for the Outskirtsers.

Last week, they sent out an email blast in an effort to increase their number of Facebook fans by awarding Kindle eBook readers to two of the new fans.

Since Outskirts is awarding two nice prizes, it would seem that this project is important to the company. Maybe Outskirts wants to accumulate more fans than Author House or another competitor.

I'd think that the promotional email would be checked and rechecked very carefully.

Apparently, Outskirts doesn't agree.

The hyperlink that Outskirts wants people to use to reach its Facebook page doesn't go to Facebook. It goes to a list of pages within the Outskirts website.

If Outskirts can't even get an important web link right, to build its own business, what are the chances of Outskirts properly producing and promoting a book?

Pretty darn small, I'd say.

Remember, Outskirts is the same company that has misspelled its own name and misidentified the publishr of Roget's Thesaurus.

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