Friday, November 26, 2010

My Black Friday prediction was close,
but not exactly right

Last July I predicted: "On Black Friday in November, expect to see one or more sub-$100 e-readers, probably at Walmart, BestBuy, RadioShack, Target and Amazon."

I showed the fake ad seen above, but was wrong about Walmart and the low price point.
  • HOWEVER, if you roll out of bed early enough today, you might be able to save $50 and snag yourself a Nook e-reader for just $99.99 at BestBuy.
  • I read an online report that Amazon was offering their discontinued Kindle 2 for just $99 -- but I could not find the deal on
  • Borders will sell you a Kobo reader for just $99.99 (save $20) or an Alluratek for $89.99 (save $30). The company has deals on Sony and Cruz, too.
  • CVS is offering a LookBook wireless reader for $118.88, less a $20 "extra bucks" reward. CVS has a $94.88 netbook, too.
At Staples, writers will find lots of deals on PCs, printers,  blank disks, hard drives, desks and chairs, software, Duracell batteries and more, and more.

My Friday shopping list includes a new small Nikon camera to replace my three-year-old, a smart cellphone to replace my aging Moto Flipper, a couple of camel hair blazers from Joseph A. Bank ($99 instead of $395!), and a 42" Hitachi TV from Sam's Club for my bro-in-law ($498 with 24 months to pay with no interest -- reg. $150 more). I'll probably pick up popcorn tins and candy bars at Rite-Aid, some thumb drives and SD memory cards somewhere (because I can never have enough memory), and probably some shirts and Blu-ray disks.

The new bragain Blu-rays will go onto the top of a stack which includes still-unwatched Blu-rays I bought a year ago today.

Sadly, the only thing I can't buy today is time.

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