Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Improvements and new services at CreateSpace

CreateSpace is part of It provides a range of services for self-publishing authors from simple printing to complete book preparation and distribution. I've used CS for some of my books.

Their set-up fee is less than with Lightning Source and they have free cover templates. They take longer than Lightning to ship proofs and don't provide tracking numbers (but they charge less than Lightning for a proof). I make more money on each book printed by LightningSource, but the file upload procedure is a little easier with CreatsSpace.

CS quality is generally good, but the two most recent proofs I received have cover images rotated clockwise, and a previous shipment of books had the cover laminate peeling off.

OTOH, Lightning Source once shipped books where the cover photos had a green tint, and another time my cover was wrapped around another publishers pages.

No printer is perfect. It's important to closely examine every book you receive from your printer. Don't be reluctant to complain and ask for a replacement or refund. Make 'em know you have high standards.

Yesterday CreateSpace announced some service enhancements said to result from user feedback.

ISBN Purchase on CreateSpace: CreateSpace authors can now purchase their own ISBNs directly on the CreateSpace website without leaving the title setup process. ISBNs cost either $10 (for use on CS only) or $99 (for use anythere). Either way, you can use the name of your own publishing company, and your book's ISBN information will be registered with You can also get a free ISBN that identifies CS as the publisher.

Project Homepage: This new page tracks member progress, so members can easily see what they've done, what's next, manage any services that they have purchased, and be alerted to any issues throughout the process.

Image Gallery for Cover Creator: Members using Cover Creator to design their book's cover can now access an extensive free image gallery where they can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-use professional photographs.

Professional Services: Authors can buy and manage book editing, design and marketing services as they set up their title, allowing them to get help where and when they need it. Expert Setup Option: This streamlined single-page experience, now available in beta, is a great time-saver for members who are already familiar with the CreateSpace publishing process.

Custom Trim Sizes: Members are now able to choose a customized trim size for their book, offering more flexibility in the production process.

Cover Creator for Discs: This free cover artwork creation tool has been expanded to allow filmmakers and musicians to build professional cover and disc face artwork for their DVDs and CDs.

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