Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Xlibris will offer à la carte writing help

Xlibris Publishing, one of the former competitors now owned by Author Solutions, has joined the growing number of self-publishing companies offering à la carte services to all writers.

Several years ago I got friendly with the owner of a self-publishing company (the kind of company I used to call a vanity publisher) and I suggested that he offer some of his book preparation services to people who were not buying complete publishing packages.

As long as the company has the staff to handle the work without neglecting the "package" customers, this program would generate additional revenue, act as sampling for potential bigger purchases, and provide services to people who need them.

He wasn’t impressed with the idea, but some of his competitors are.

AuthorHive (like Xlibris, part of Author Solutions) began offering à la carte marketing assistance in early 2010.

Outskirts Press followed a few months later, selling both marketing and editorial services.

Today, Xlibris announced its new publishing services, the Xlibris Writing Coach.

This service "will bring the author to a step-by-step process of creating a book from conceptualizing ideas and developing characters to editing and completing a manuscript with the help of a writing coach. All Xlibris Writing Coaches are professional, published authors in their own right and experts at their craft. They have extensive experience teaching, editing, and coaching other writers, from beginners all the way to experts, on honing their manuscripts and craft." At the recent  Self-Publishing Book Expo, Author Solutions marketing director Joe Bayern told me that the company's best editors work on Xlibris titles, so there's probably a good chance that you'll get some worthwhile help.

There are several Xlibris Writing Coach Packages:

  1. Xlibris Writing Coach Advantage Package: A 2-month coaching program for writers with the time and confidence to move quickly through their manuscript and publish a book with simple design requirements.
  2. Xlibris Writing Coach Professional Package: A streamlined coaching program similar to the Xlibris Writing Coach Advantage, offering more sophisticated book design options and includes a hardback edition.
  3. Xlibris Writing Coach Premium Package: A 4-month coaching program that will hone your writing skills and provide you with 180 pages of professionally crafted material, allow you to publish a first-class book and initiate your marketing campaign.
  4. Xlibris Writing Coach Executive Package: A 6-month mentoring program providing you with the key to the craft of writing, culminating in a 300-page manuscript and customized publishing services enough for you to publish and market the book of your dreams.
For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, see
NOTE: This posting is provided as news. It is not an endorsement. I have not tried any of the services mentioned.

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