Monday, October 25, 2010

Who cares who published your book?

  • Zoe Winters is a romance wri­ter and blogger. She said, “The average reader doesn’t care how a book gets to market. If the book is good, it does­n't matter if your Chihuahua publish­ed it.”
  • Joanna Penn is an author, blogger, speaker and business consultant. She posted, "I definitely do not buy books based on the publisher. In fact, most of the time I wouldn’t know who the publisher was anyway and in a brief survey of other book buyers they have a similar experience. . . .  If you have a professionally edited and interesting book, with an eye-catching cover, buyers will not know the difference anyway."
  • Author/blogger S.G. Royle wrote, “Peo­­ple don't buy books from publishers. They buy them from authors.”
  • Edward Uhlan founded Exposition Press—an early and important pay-to-publish company—in 1936. He said, “Most people can’t tell the difference between a vanity book and a trade book anyway. A book is a book.”
  • Self-published author Lloyd Lofthouse wrote, "Besides the author, family and friends, who cares if the author wrote a book and published it through a traditional publisher or self published?"
On the other hand, many booksellers and book reviewers can tell the difference and do care—and may reject a book if its publisher, such as PublishAmerica, has a bad reputation.

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