Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's a printer?

It's unfortunate and amusing that words used in the book business -- a business that exists to communicate -- often don't communicate enough.

Just as a "notebook" can be a notebook or a portable computer, a "printer" has multiple meanings. If you use the word in your writing, make sure the context makes it obvious what you are referring to.

(above) A person who operates a printing press is a

(above) A company that provides printing services is a

The owner of the company,
even if she or he never has ink-stained hands,
could still be called a

(above) The machine on your desk that prints is a

(above) The big machine that prints books is a

(above) The big machine that prints books on demand is a

Photos from USPS, Morris Printing Company,  HP,, Xerox

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  1. Is there a reason so many words are left out of your sentences? is it something in your blog server or something you do to save space.
    ". . .you and create and even part of the promoting staff . . ." is how I read the sentence in the entry of the 22. It is very common throughout your blog so I am trying to figure out the cause, thinking you may not even know if your blog server is causing it.