Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Silly error in important press release about a book publisher and a magazine

Xlibris To Promote Self-Published Books
 With Publishers Weekly

Xlibris, the self-publishing industry leader [says who?], has announced the launch of their Publishers Weekly Marketing Packages to help self-published authors in promoting their books.

These packages enable authors to maximize the full potential of their marketing campaign by promoting their self-published book on the different Publishers Weekly services that cover both print and online media.

Publishers Weekly is a well-respected international news magazine that serves all segments in the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word. On print, their presence is made known through the Publishers Weekly Magazine. Online, they are known through the www.publishersweekly.com website where they feature five niche-oriented e-newsletters namely the PW Daily, Cooking the Books, Children’s Bookshelf, Religion BookLine, and PW Comics Week.

Combining online and print advertising, these marketing packages from the self-publishing leader gives authors the opportunity to reach out to not only the niche markets of their books, but also to literary agents and publishers looking for the next big thing in books.

About Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly is a well-respect international news magazine that has been in publication for over 130 years. They are part of Reed Business Information’s Publishing Group (Reed Elsevier) and they belong to the same publishing house of Criticas, Library Journal, School Library Journal, Variety and Daily Variety.

About Xlibris

Xlibris was founded in 1997 and, as the leading publishing services provider for authors, has helped to publish more than 20,000 titles. Xlibris is based in Philadelphia, PA and provides authors with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound, and full-color formats.

SOMEBODY at either Xlibris or PW should have noticed the error.

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