Friday, October 8, 2010

What the hell is this thing?

Is it a standard piece of female apparatus?
Is it something a man would own and use?
Is it an iPad case with a broken strap?
Is it an evening bag with a broken strap?
Is it a tampon dispenser?
Is it a sewing kit?
Is it a GPS protector?
Is it a makeup mirror?
Is it a netbook?
Is it a purse?
Is it a wallet?
Is it a calculator?
Why can't I identify it?
Why is it on the cover of a book about writing?

I just bought a book about writing and publishing. (It's a good book which I'll be reviewing in the future.)   The front cover shows that thing up above.

In my quest for knowledge, I asked my wife what she thinks the thing is. She thinks it's a small computer with a dangling power cord. The author said it's a journal.

UPDATE: This is a modified version of the original post, which was unnecessarily provocative. I had said that men don't use journals. Apparently some do. But if I need to do some impromptu alfresco writing, I'll use an iPad, not a paper journal.

1 comment:

  1. Looks to me like a Moleskin notebook.

    The loop at the top is en elastic band that keeps the book closed and the lower is a cloth bookmark